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Radon Testing in NY, CT & NJ

Indoor Environmental Diagnostics & Solutions offers expert radon testing in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Trusted by home owners, home builders and real estate professionals for over 25 years, we help create a healthy indoor environment via radon testing.  Call us today at (914) 591-6651.

Radon – An Ignored Health Risk

Radon is a natural occurring, odorless gas present in our homes, mainly in basements of houses built on rocks and soil.

The toxic gas is readily brought by air currents into living areas where people spend significant time of their life and by inhaling the contaminated air with Radon particles are in danger of developing lung cancer.

In the US, thousands of lung cancer deaths are attributed to Radon exposure. In New York and New Jersey communities have faced a radon problem due to landfills contaminated by radioactive waste originated from hospitals and chemical industries.

Buildings in our days are tightly sealed for energy saving, trapping the radioactive gases and particles in increased concentration, therefore creating situations of human exposure and as a result, kung cancer and death when untreated properly.

Research had determined that Radon gas is released by the radioactive element Uranium-238, seeping through cracks in the foundation or rocks into of the house.

The EPA estimated that at a level of 15 picocuries / L of air, Radon health risk of lung cancer is similar to the risk of smoking a pack of cigarettes per day.

How do we identify Radon:

Radon is measured with the help of special cartridges opened in the basement and living areas and subsequently analyzed by certified laboratories. The Radon cartridges will be left open for one day, and depending on the situation, for several days.

Results are given in units of picocuries per liter of air. The current standard is 4 picocuries/liter of air.

To contact us, you may use our email:

or call us at: (914) 591-6651 (office)

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