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Indoor Environmental Diagnostics & Solutions

Mold, Radon, Lead, Indoor Air Quality Testing and More


For over 25 years, we offer a wide range of testings and assessments of indoor pollutants, such as:
  • Bioaerosols: Airborne Mold, Bacteria, Allergens, etc.

  • Indoor Chemical Pollutants/Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing

  • Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Testing

  • Moisture/Hidden Moisture Inspection & Relative Humidity

  • Hidden Microbial Colonization: Bacteria, Mold, etc.

  • Miscellaneous Indoor Health Hazards: Radon, Aldehyde, Lead, Volatile Organic Compounds, etc.

  • Suspended Organic/Inorganic Particles

  • Expert Opinion

  • Pre-House Purchase Inspection/Testing/Opinion

  • Environmental Project Monitoring & Quality Assurance

  • Post Environmental Remediation Verification (PRV)

We are located in Westchester County, NY. We mainly serve the Tri-State Area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut), however, on a case-to-case basis, we accept investigations outside these areas.

  • Residential Homes & Apartment Buildings

  • Schools

  • Hospitals

  • Hotels

  • Office Buildings

  • Law Firms

  • Environmental Medicine & Functional Medicine Physicians

Depending on the nature of the project, we work closely with your doctors, attorneys, home inspectors, and others. Our experienced technicians are highly trained and have been in the field for many years.
Need more information? Contact us! | (914) 591-6651

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